Frequently Asked Questions

Building the Future

Our community is taking a 20-year look at the future of Chattanooga and Hamilton County. We agree that we need a bold vision. To include everyone, a short survey will go to as many people as possible in all of Hamilton County. For one month the survey will ask people who live and work here to answer questions and share ideas. After this, many community and business groups and volunteers will come up with bold and ambitious plans to reach that vision.

Q. Where do I find the survey?

A. There Velocity 2040 survey is closed.

Q. When does it start and when does it end?

A. The survey begins Oct. 2 and ends Nov. 1, 2018.

Q. When will the vision be finished?

A. Already, leaders and volunteers have invested more than 3,100 hours in the process. After community residents complete the survey and the report is completed, we anticipate that a final vision document will be complete toward the end of November. And then the hard work begins…

Q. What comes next after the survey?

A. After November 1, survey question answers will be shared with everyone – to our entire community – in a report. We will share the big bold ideas our community wants to come together to make happen. Volunteers and groups will then work together to come up with plans of how to do the hard work of building partnerships, developing implementation strategies, and aligning resources to begin working towards our shared vision for economic prosperity. A long-term vision requires long-term commitment to build a future we want.

Q. How do I get involved in the bold vision part?

A. Start by thinking, dreaming big. Think about the kind of future we want for ourselves and our children and grand-children. Then take the community survey. The questions ask about things that we expect to happen in the future. For example, we know our community is adding more people every day. And, we know we have more jobs than we have people right now to fill them. We also know there are not enough people with the skills needed in the places they are needed. That’s only one example. We also know health is a big concern for many – as well as how to get from place to place – school, work, places of worship, grocery stores.

A. There’s a form on the website to share how you can be reached.

Q. What if I have ideas that the survey doesn’t ask about?

A. There’s a place on the survey to say what’s most important to you – or what you see as the first place to start. Please share your ideas. This information will help community volunteers decide where to keep up the work they’ve been doing and where to make new plans. Your idea might be the very one that helps the right people get together to work toward something new and exciting that solves a problem or that creates something our community has never thought of before.

Q. Who planned the survey?

A. More than 100 community organizations and employers, including lead partners:

  • Benwood Foundation
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
  • Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce
  • Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport

  • City of Chattanooga
  • Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
  • EPB
  • Hamilton County

  • La paz Chattanooga
  • United way of Greater Chattanooga
  • Urban League of Chattanooga

  • Barge Design Solutions
  • Center Centre
  • Chattanooga Gas

  • Chattanooga Times Free Press
  • Elder’s ACE Hardware
  • First Tennessee

  • Food City
  • SunTrust Bank
  • Synovus

Q. I’ve heard about other community surveys here. What about those? Is this different?

A. There have been several community-wide visioning efforts over the past 40 years. Some were area-specific. Some were community-wide. This one’s different because it’s 2018 and while many people might agree that we still have problems to solve, now we have new facts and new tools. Most important – more groups and people are working together now and organizers are putting inclusion, diversity and equity first.

Q. I heard about another consultant and another survey? How many surveys are there?

A. Yes, there will be another survey. The Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce will release another community-wide survey as part of its strategic plan. This one will focus on implementing job creation plans and talent development portions of the community vision.

Q. Who’s paying for these surveys and plans?

A. Generous businesses, civic and non-profit organizations in Chattanooga and Hamilton County.